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Roya Sazane Bidar

Roya Sazan Bidar Equipment and Operation Company, as one of the principal subsidiaries of TalyPark Group, was established to transform the modern lifestyle in conformity with the highest standards, by pursuing measures such as equipment, operation, and management of facilities and providing hotel services at residential complexes.
In an attempt to create a new lifestyle, keep pace with technological advances, and reduce the time devoted to meeting welfare needs on the one hand, and the sustainable development of customization of services and facilities, on the other hand, “Taly Life” has created an exclusive platform which caters for all tastes and needs, by designing and equipping residential and commercial units in all sizes and by offering a wide range of interior design styles; So that clients with different purchase power, taste and need can experience highest quality design and equipment in the shortest time. Therefore, consideration of the latest global trends and employment of cutting-edge technologies in the construction industry is one of the distinguishing indicators of Tally Life in this sector.
In the hoteling sector, considering the rising expectations of a comfortable life in conformity with all quality standards, one can consider their welfare needs fulfilled by simply conceiving a house in one of the beautiful corridors of a luxurious 5-star hotel with all hotel services. These services are meant to depict the life of an advanced human being in the age of technology, where the need for time management is felt more than ever before.

Using trained and experienced managers and employees and sticking to the latest global hoteling standards, the hoteling unit seeks to make it possible for clients to have an experience of a comfortable life they have always seen in their wildest dreams.

Mission & Responsibility

In an attempt to achieve its goal of equipping and putting into use the newly built residential units, RoyaSazane Bidar has set it its primary task to cooperate with the best equipment brands and use the highest quality materials.