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Why customers are not provided with a tracking code?

According to the latest guidelines for forward-sale units, customers of forward-sale units will not be provided with a tracking code unless an official contract is drawn up and signed by them in a notary office. This procedure is recommended as it guarantees further security and safety.

Is your price high for that area? Considering that lower strata of society live in that area, can they buy the units after they are delivered?

TalyPark projects are not specific to a particular district or city. In other words, due to the unique features of TalyPark projects, they are demanded by people from all over Tehran and even Iran. For example, many of the buyers of our units are people who do not reside in Tehran. They usually purchase units to spare themselves the trouble of looking for accommodation when they travel to Tehran. TalyPark, once it is operationalized, will come to be known as a distinctive and unique brand in Tehran; a brand that is not peculiar to any specific area or city.

How can we trust TalyPark?

The excellent record track of TalyPark is the most important guarantee of the company’s honesty and openness. To remove doubts, clients can simply check the track record of TalyPark and the construction handover conditions of the company. In addition, AriaSazeh Taly is the official owner of land plots on which complexes are built, which means that TalyPark is the owner of the land. Also, TalyPark draws up notarized contracts with buyers, which is the most reliable type of contract when it comes to the forward sale of properties.

How to make sure that the sold units are not resold to someone else?

The sold units are immediately marked as “sold out” on the website, making it impossible for others to buy them again.

Is it necessary to visit the project site in person to check the progress of the project?

There is no need to visit in person to check the progress of the project. Buyers and other interested clients can find out about the progress of the project through project websites and social networks.

Why are the units available in small sizes only?

A lot of research has been done to choose the best size for units. The factors that have encouraged TalyPark Group to build small-size units are as follows: 1- High degree of liquidity 2- Higher demand from clients 3- handover of units with luxurious facilities at a reasonable price

Why has such a project been implemented in district 18?

The fact that District 18 has seen lower price growth compared to other districts of Tehran over the past months and years is one of the factors that made this district the best choice as a project site. According to the figures, all districts of Tehran are supposed to experience almost equal growth; therefore, district 18 is expected to see more growth than other districts to fill the price gap. Convenient access to Mehrabad Airport, Ayatollah Saeedi expressway, and proximity to metro, bus, and taxi stations are among the other reasons that made this district the best project site. Also, the demand for small units in this district outweighs the supply power.

Considering the large number of units, the blocks and neighborhoods are expected to be overcrowded and in a state of disorder. Aren’t they?

Although it is quite normal to be concerned about this, this will not happen for the following reasons: 1- The units are of small size and are usually dwelled by young couples without children or singles. 2- TalyPark’s management system policy focuses 10% on construction and sales, and 90% on the management of the complexes after the construction handover. The undivided shares and issues related to them shall be handled by AriaSazeh Taly Company.

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