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BidarSazeh Taly

BidarSazeh Taly is one of the largest mass housing and investing companies of TalyPark Group, which is involved in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. In line with the goals of TalyPark Group, this company has entered the field of commerce and mass building, and drawing on the experience of commercial companies affiliated with TalyPark Group, this company is today actively involved in the field of commerce and building materials.
The activities of BidarSazeh TalyPark Company primarily pivot around investment and trade in the construction industry. Employing economic and marketing consultants, skilled human resources, and capable managers, and drawing on the experiences and knowledge of the TalyPark Group, this company has managed to make considerable progress by leaps and bounds.

Mission & Responsibility

BidarSazeh Taly Company has made it its main goal to become one of the top mass housing companies in the region by building high-quality and class-A units.

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