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Taly Park Group;

The most comprehensive and
up-to-date team in the construction industry

Affiliates and subsidiaries are involved in a variety of fields such as


Digital Transformation



Mass housing



Life Style

We have made it our aim to improve the ecosystem of the construction industry and create a new lifestyle that fits the needs of today’s society.

Compact and comfortable flats with hotel services

To your astonishment, a small flat with hotel services can be a valuable addition to an investment portfolio.
Thanks to TalyPark, you can now include this option in your investment portfolio.

Commerce in the construction industry

In line with the goals of TalyPark Group, BidarSazeh Taly operates in the field of mass housing and building materials trading. Employing adept economic and marketing consultants, skilled human resources, as well as capable managers, this company has been able to make considerable progress by leaps and bounds.

Participation in construction

Participation in construction





TalyPark Academy

A unique opportunity to get a professional degree in the construction industry. Taly Academy courses will give you an in-depth insight into the commercial aspects of the construction industry. Today, the success of construction projects is defined by a “magic square” made of technical, commercial, legal, and temporal parameters. Taly Academy courses are a perfect choice for those who wish to be a construction industry leader.

A great offer to get a customized software

Customized commerce applications are specially designed for all platforms by Taly Parse to meet all your needs.

Latest Projects

Our properties are characterized by unique and elegant design, presenting a dream lifestyle in a thriving community. These apartments are supported by TalyPark group Group’s management team.

تالی پارک بلوار معلم

Moalem Blvd TalyPark

TalyPark project in Moalem Blvd. has been designed in a land plot covering an area of 7500 square meters with a built-up area of about 37000 square meters in 2 blocks (each including 11 floors: 8 residential floors, 1 ground floor, and 2 basement floors). This project is based on Moalem Blvd. of District 18, in the southwest of Tehran.

تالی پارک شهرری

Shahr-e-Rey TalyPark

Covering a built-up area of about 55,000 square meters, the TalyPark project in Shahre Rey is designed in 3 blocks incorporating a total of 548 dwelling units each measuring 40-60 square meters. This project is located in Shahre Rey, which is situated in District 20, in the south of Tehran.

Equipment of residential complexes.

Rapid technological advances have given rise to a new lifestyle centralized on sustainable customized services offered in the shortest possible time. TalyLife offers as a service package what diligent mass housing executives seek to meet public needs.