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سرمایه گذاری

Ariya Sazeh Taly overview

Iran’s turbulent economic conditions and the existence of unforeseen risks have turned low-risk and high-yield investment into a complex and specialized issue that requires complete and comprehensive information to make decisions and enter into various areas of investment.

The main areas of investment in Iran are bank deposits, investment funds, gold and coin market, currency, stock exchange and real estate, which investors consider according to various parameters such as forecasting inflation, currency market fluctuations, stock market trend, growth or The stagnation of gold prices and the housing market and the level of risk-taking determine the choice of investment field.

The housing construction sector is one of the priority areas in investment areas. Investing in the housing sector is one of the most attractive areas of investment and the most prosperous areas for economic growth.

Searching for economic opportunities with high efficiency, BidarSazeh Taly Holding has chosen to participate and invest in housing construction. In this regard, in order to maintain the sustainable interests of investors and shareholders, the most appropriate construction projects are defined and optimal investment opportunities are identified.

Since financial stability is essential for the long-term sustainability of this holding and enables the group to withstand economic downturns, industry fluctuations, and unforeseen circumstances such as project delays, construction cost increases, or legal issues, investment selection is important. has a special If the investment in this sector is done correctly, it can make a significant difference in people’s lives, by creating economic opportunities, improving the quality of life and etc.

Due to the increase in urbanization, expansion of trade, changing demographic trends, increase in income level and young workforce, the demand for investment in the housing construction sector has decreased. The favorable return on investment in construction projects has created an increasing demand for quality and sustainable investment in this sector.

In emerging housing markets, this sector often focuses on activities in projects that are short-term or have the greatest potential for higher returns to attract investor interest.

Considering the new lifestyle and the decrease in people’s purchasing power, this holding company helps to improve the quality of life of people by focusing on investing in small-sized apartments with hotel services, by creating suitable housing for families. On the other hand, our investments in this sector have created jobs, created skills and improved the business environment and increased efficiency in the construction industry, which, in turn, will increase public revenues and improve the quality of society.